HOF Nomination Form

Nomination Petition
Illinois Athletic Directors’ Association
Nomination Procedure

Please attach a resume/statement of achievements for each of
the criteria listed below. Please limit each part to a maximum of two single spaced typewritten pages.

Criteria of Nomination

• National
(Indicate the individual’s active promotion of athletics and the State of Illinois
through his/her involvement with NIAAA, the National Federation, and/or NCSSAD.)

(Indicate the individual’s active participation in order to promote the beliefs and
purposes of the IADA, eg. Workshops/state conference presentations, committee
work, and leadership roles within the organization.)

• Local
(Indicate the individual’s active participation in order to promote the values of
athletics and sportsmanship as a viable part of the educational process within the
school and community environment.)

Please include the name, address and phone of person compiling the form.
Return the nomination form to: Steve Haines

Seneca High School
307 East Scott Street
Seneca, IL 61360
Fax (815) 357-5050

Nominations must be received by Friday, November 20, 2020

  Send a copy of the completed form to this email address : 

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About IADA
The mission of the Illinois Athletic Administrators Association is to take an active role in preserving, enhancing, and promoting eductional based athletics within the State of Illinois.  The IADA provides a commitment to professional development of its members in areas of education, leadership, and service.  Working in conjunction with the Illinois High School Association, National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, and National Federation of High Schools, the IADA wishes to create quality interscholastic athletic participation opportunities for all Illinois students.
Message From IADA
The IADA Board would like to thank you for all that you do for the student athletes of your schools.  We all know the time and effort we put into our positions.  We come from small schools, large schools, middle and high schools; but no matter what, we all share in a common goal, and that is to provide the best educationally based athletic program for our students.

Tina Woolard, IADA President