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Coaching Education/Certification Strategies and Incentives

February, 2019

Many of our Athletic Director Associations, Coaching Associations and Athletic Associations are promoting the NFHS Coaching Education Program by providing incentives to their memberships.  Below is a list of some of the strategies and incentives that I have received that are being used to promote the NFHS Coach Education Certification Program.  I plan on including a list of new strategies in our Monthly Newsletter each month.

  1. Lake High School in Ohio – Bruce Brown, Executive Director of Ohio State Athletic Administrators Association.  Offer parents the opportunity to receive free athletic tickets if they complete the free online course, “The Role of Parents in Sports”. A novel idea.
  2. Maryland State Coaches Association – Lisa Magness, Maryland Coaches Education Association Executive Director, has a “Refund Policy” to provide a $100 refund to the first 150 members earning their certification (a statewide $15,000 initiative).   When a member coach completes his certification, they notify the MSCA.   The certified coach is then sent a check for $100 to cover most of the cost for the courses and certification.
  3. In Spartanburg, SC - Myles Wilson their District AD requires all Coaches regardless of level of exp. to become an AIC.  He states “the athletic experience for all stake holders i.e., coaches, parents and most importantly the students have improved”.
  4. Hoke County School System in North Carolina – Board of Education approved that all Middle and High School Coaches will be certified

Level I Accredited Interscholastic Coaches.  The coaches have one year to complete the certification.  The school system is going to pay them a one-time stipend of $135 and award .5 CEU’s of credit per course upon completion.

If your school, district, conference or state is implementing a CE initiative please share it with me so I can include it in an upcoming Newsletter.

About IADA
The mission of the Illinois Athletic Directors Association is to take a leadership role in athletic issues to enhance the educational process for student athletes.

To improve athletic understanding and relationship throughout the high schools of our state and nation.
Message From IADA
The IADA Board would like to thank you for all that you do for the student athletes of your schools.  We all know the time and effort we put into our positions.  We come from small schools, large schools, middle and high schools; but no matter what, we all share in a common goal, and that is to provide the best educationally based athletic program for our students.

Darren Howard, IADA President